Case Study: Oil & Gas

Automated Deburring for Stainless Steel

Oil and Gas from PPT - gen image

This stainless-steel component part for a pump used in the petrochemical industry has numerous Class 2 and Class 3 burrs resulting from the various milling and drilling operations performed on it.

In some industries, silicon-carbide abrasives are prohibited for use on certain materials due to its potential effects on the part’s mechanical properties, or as was the case here, on subsequent manufacturing processes. The ceramic grain in the filament of Burr-Rx brushes not only offers the fastest cut rate available in any abrasive-nylon product, but it is also permitted for use in these applications.

A P/N 86110 3” miniature disc brush with .043/120CG was used to deburr this particular component immediately after machining. The spindle speed was 1750 RPM, the depth of interference was 0.075”, the feed rate was 40 IPM, and the brush deburring operation was performed wet.