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Ed Frymier

Senior Application Engineer

Gear Deburring and Exotic Alloy Expert

Over 4 decades in manufacturing

Has robust, well-rounded knowledge from working in a variety of roles

Having spent over 4 decades working in manufacturing, Ed has certainly experienced a lot. You will rarely find someone with deeper application knowledge in this industry. Throughout the span of his career, Ed has had the opportunity to develop solutions for an incredible array of applications. Whether its titanium or tin, big parts or small, there is a pretty good chance Ed has deburred them all. Ed’s vast experience gives him a wider perspective when solving problems and allows him to identify economical solutions where others have not been successful

Ed originally began his career working in brush manufacturing, making just about every type of industrial brush available. He started off as an operator and worked his way up into various supervisory roles. After 6 years in production, Ed was accepted into a four-year Journeyman Machine Repair apprenticeship program where he spent the required 6,000 hours learning machine repair and machining fundamentals through both classroom and practical training. After nine years operating and repairing machines, Ed moved into Industrial Engineering where he worked alongside application engineers to ensure that the factory was capable of producing what customers needed in their applications. 

In the early 90’s Ed moved into application engineering. This was the next logical step for Ed after working so closely with the application engineering team during his time as a process engineer. Ed has more than 20 years’ experience in deburring applications and still loves the diversity of the challenges and problems that he helps customers to overcome every day.

In 2005, Ed joined Weiler’s Technical Team. In his current role, 99% of his time is spent working in deburring applications with brushes. He is often visiting end-users, distributors, and machine builders across the country. Ed has become a valuable go to resources to many of the largest deburring operations in North America. He is able to provide very specific, detailed recommendations for proper part deburring with brushes. He enjoys working with his customers on all different types of applications and gets immense satisfaction not just from the technical challenges but the opportunity to help his customers overcome their process challenges.

His advice for IMTS attendees? “The most important thing is to call an expert in this field first before you design and build a machine.”

Serving primarily as a sales engineer, it’s Steve’s goal to deliver value on every one of his calls. He ensures each of his customers are optimizing their processes with products that are being used correctly.

Steve began working for Weiler in 2000, and is going into his 17th year working with the company. Prior to that, he was working for an industrial distributor, starting at 19 years old.

Working in Michigan, Steve naturally has developed strong working relationships in the automotive business. Aside from working with the big 3: Ford, GM, and Chrysler, Steve also works closely with parts manufacturers and suppliers in the Michigan area. Additionally, he has close relationships with a network of machine builders that is constantly evolving.

He is often approached to contribute articles for industrial publications, such as Fabricator Metalworking Magazine. One recent article published was focused on automotive block deburring.

Steve is able to be most effective due to his excellent listening skills, and his holistic approach to improving deburring operations. He is able to recommend tweaks at the beginning of the process when it provides the best return, rather than just at the end. This would not be possible without his solid understanding on processes for manufacturing with metals.

Steve graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Distribution from Eastern Michigan University. He has since remained working in this industry.

His advice for IMTS attendees? “Align yourself with people that are bringing you value every time they walk through your door, and on every single call.”

Steve Schafer

District Sales Manager

Automotive Market Machine Tool and Deburring Expert

Over 20 years experience

Has built up a powerful network in the automotive business built on trust

Pete Hutchinson

Application Engineer

Production Machining, Firearms, and Aluminum Casting Deburring Automation Expert

Over 24 years’ experience in the industry

Runs Weiler’s in-house Test Lab

At Weiler, Pete is known as the idea guy. In his current job role, he is often answering questions and requests for custom applications.

Being involved in custom applications means that Pete gets to run the in-house test lab. When customers want to know the best way to deburr their parts, they’ll send them to Pete to experiment and run tests on. When finished, Pete provides them with the best approach to deburring, including product used and exact speed, so they can replicate it with their own equipment.

Pete has worked at Weiler for 9 years. He started out in a product management role. After 5 years in Product Management, Pete wanted to get back to his technical roots and utilize his background knowledge in machining. This desire to work on the more technical aspect of the business led Pete into application engineering.

Even in his spare time, Pete has always been involved in the machining side of things. His hobbies include car racing, fabrication, and restoration. He would often be the one to repair his own race car after getting it all banged up from a race.

Pete is often asked to speak at lunch and learn sessions to educate manufacturing engineers and end-users on the topic of part deburring.

Pete has worked in industrial manufacturing for 24 years.

Pete graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

His advice for IMTS attendees? “A brush works the same on Wednesday morning as it does late on a Friday afternoon.”

As a market development manager with 36+ years’ experience working in the industrial manufacturing industry, Phil Hertvik brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge with him.

Phil’s role as the HVP Market Development Manager makes him a unique asset to Weiler’s WPS Technical Team. His job scope includes the technical applications end but also expands into commercialization as well. Being a guy who wears multiple hats, Phil works with a variety of stakeholders. Phil develops technical solutions for our End Users and commercial programs and solutions for industrial distributors and their sales teams.

Phil spent his first 9 years in sales and marketing for industrial lubricants, and then went on to work for Weiler in 1989 as a district sales manager.  Since joining Weiler 27 years ago his main focus area has remained with technical brush applications.  After 25 years working for Weiler’s sales team in various capacities Phil joined the Weiler HVP Team as the technical market development manager.

Phil has a technical aptitude and problem solving skills which makes him much more effective at solving his end-users’ challenges. Phil’s wide variety of experiences enables him to take ideas for process improvements from one industry and apply it to another. He enjoys the challenge of helping all kinds of people to overcome their problems. Phil finds these challenges extremely fulfilling, especially when he is able to work on a solution involving automation. Phil believes that automation is the key to making America a great manufacturing country again and relishes the opportunity to contribute any way he is able.

Phil graduated from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, with a major in marketing.

His advice for IMTS attendees? “Continue to implement new automation techniques to keep America at the cutting-edge of the future. New tools and techniques will keep us a strong manufacturing nation.”

Phil Hertvik

Market Development Manager, HVP

Medical and Cutting Tool Deburring Application Expert

36+ years working in the industrial manufacturing industry

Combines process improvement ideas from other industries to deliver the best results

Rick Sawyer

Application Engineer, ADS

Aerospace Deburring Applications and Deburring Automation Expert

Over 30 years in manufacturing

Working with brushes since the age of 18 gave him a unique perspective on brush design

Rick is an application engineer focused on improving deburring processes through automation. He works with a network of partners, one of which is Weiler.

Rick regularly consults with businesses across the United States to automate their deburring operations, including those from Fortune 500 companies. He also spends some time overseas. Rick helps many companies in aerospace. Just about every day he can be seen in a jet engine plant.

Rick has been working in the manufacturing industry for over 30 years; many of them being focused on using brushes for automated deburring. He became interested in manufacturing at a very young age. A week after his 18th birthday, he started working at Weiler as a draftsman, much of his time was spent focused on making drawings of Weiler products and through this activity Rick gained a unique perspective on brush design.

Rick then moved onto other companies, gaining more experience as he progressed in his career.

He then re-joined Weiler in 1987 as a Manufacturing Engineer, and then became a Product Development Engineer. He also served as a Technical Services Manager, as well as an Applications Engineering Manager. Rick spent a lot of time in the applications lab focusing on new product development, testing, and application engineering.

Rick loves working in aviation, because a lot is invested into cutting-edge technology. He finds it very exciting. Rick loves to come up with new ideas and run experiments for his clients. His customers say that he can rig anything.

His advice for IMTS attendees? “Automation is not always a robot. There are many other ways, especially if you’re in the high-volume production space.”