Case Study: General Manufacturing

Tackling Challenging Geometries

general manufacturing v3 whole picture

Here is a component that has been machined from tool steel. Due to the material’s toughness, a large Class 4 burr has been generated.

This part’s geometry dictated the use of a small diameter brush making the deburring process even more challenging.

Even with the limitations of using a small diameter brush, we are able to completely deburr this part. Applications like this were impossible a few years ago. However the development of new, more aggressive filaments make it possible to deburr an ever increasing range of applications with Nylox products.

This part was processed using a 1-3/4’’ Nylox Miniature Disc Brush part #85756. The filament used was 80 grit crimped/rectangular, the feed rate was 25’’ per minute with the DOI set at 0.100’’. This part was processed in our CNC machine in the Applications Lab.