Case Study: Automotive

Deburring for Just-in-Time Production

automotive - gen image

A nylon-abrasive-filament brush containing a silicon-carbide filament is quite capable of removing the Class 2 burrs left on the various edges of this cast-iron transmission component after face-milling.

However, the ceramic-grain filament in the new Burr-Rx brushes are capable of doing so in less than half the time required by a high-density disc brush featuring the most aggressive SiC filament that is currently available.

This part was deburred in the customer’s horizontal machining center using a P/N 86116 6” Burr-Rx disc brush with .043/120CG fill operating at 1250 RPM. The depth of interference with the milled surface was set at the same 0.100” as was previously used with the silicon-carbide brush, but the Burr-Rx disc was able to be fed across the part at 60 IPM in comparison to 30 IPM.

The resulting decrease in machine cycle time required for the brush deburring operation generated a significant increase in throughput for the end user allowing them to better meet a strict just-in-time production schedule.