Case Study: Aerospace

Removing Large Burrs with Burr Rx

aerospace v3 whole picture

This Stainless Steel part from the Aerospace industry has a large class 4 burr on its edge.

Traditionally burrs of this size could not be removed using conventional nylon abrasive brush technology. However, in recent years, Weiler Corporation has developed a new line of Burr-Rx brushes which are ideal for removing Class 4 and larger burrs.

The part was processed in our lab on our CNC machining center (the CNC machine is a Hurco).

The brush used to process the part was a 4” Burr-Rx disc brush, 80 grit crimped/rectangular filament. The brush RPM’s were 1,200 with a slow feed rate of 25’’ per minute and a depth of interference of 0.100’’.

The part was flooded with coolant.

As the picture shows, we have completely removed the burr and generated a radius of the affected edges.